Heritage White

Heritage white is imported and painted and glazed cabinet. This traditional overlay cabinet has standard, side-mounted drawer glides and standard-closing hinges. The interior of this cabinet is finished white. 


The Good: The cabinet comes standard with decent side-mount drawer glides and door hinges. The cabinet is beautiful, as you can see by the pictures. Heritage White comes as and all wood cabinet and is structurally sound. The box and hardware are expected to last a lifetime. 


The Bad: Heritage White finish is an 'okay' finish. The paint is not recommended for buyers who want a quality finish. The cracks around the seams are very obvious from day one. We've experience spider-webbing with the paint along with other cosmetic issues. 


Conculustion: We have much better painted finishes than this, but they cost just a little bit more. Check out Wellborn's Painted finishes here.