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How To Care For Marble Countertops

Nothing compares to the appearance of marble, and ordinary cleaning keeps it that way. So you've got a conundrum. You want marble countertops, but you're more than a little concerned about how to take care of them. Not to worry, it's really simple.

rectangle sink on a marble countertop

Marble has a longstanding reputation as a fussy, easily damaged stone. While part of that isn't necessarily untrue -- you can damage marble -- it's not much different from caring for any other natural stone. The upside is that you get the beauty and classic good looks of a stone that never goes out of style. A Little About the Characteristics of Marble Marble is, of course, a natural stone. Much of it is found in Italy, but it's also found in Spain, Scotland, and even the United States, among other locations. By and large, the most commonly seen color is white with gray veining. But some marble is a creamy beige. Connemara marble, which is found in Galway, is green. Etowah, which is found in Georgia, is pink. Some marble is brown, and there are other variations. The most important characteristic of marble is that it's a carbonate, which makes it susceptible to etching and stains. Don't worry just yet. Remember that this stone has been used successfully, even on floors, for centuries. Routine Cleaning Could Not Be Simpler A marble countertop from BT Kitchen and Bath is sealed before you use it. But that doesn't affect its beauty. A sealant penetrates the stone, it doesn't sit on top like a film that you could scratch. You'll never know it's there until you need it. For everyday cleaning, The Kitchn says all that you need is a warm, soft dishcloth and maybe a little dish liquid. Throw everything you have learned about so-called "safe" and natural cleaners out the window, because vinegar and lemon juice will absolutely harm your marble. Clean the counter as you would a glass or a plate in the sink. Wash a little, and then rinse a little. Nothing more, nothing less. And wipe it dry with a soft towel. That's it! Few materials look as perfectly at home in any kitchen as the unique veining and colorations of marble. But What About Stains and Etching?

2 colored kitchen with marble countertop island


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