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Five Factors to Consider When Choosing a Granite Countertop Color for Your Kitchen

Photo of a kitchen design with granite countertops on the island

When you choose a granite countertop, you're choosing one of the most beloved kitchen materials in American homes today. It's not without good reason. Granite is strong, stain-resistant, takes abuse from hot pans, and keep its good looks year after year and decade after decade. It's not living with granite that's hard - it's choosing the best color. Before you make a selection, here are five important factors that you'll want to consider. #1: You Definitely Need a Sample A granite countertop isn't a minor investment, nor would you expect it to be. For that reason, you definitely need a sample to bring home and check under the lighting and color conditions where it will live. For a lifetime of rewarding durability and good looks, a granite investment evens out over time. If you're not sure, think about the last countertop you owned and how quickly you first noticed damage. Granite usually wins that comparison hands down. Because you plan to live with this counter for years to come, be sure that you really love the color before you buy. #2: Pattern Size Makes a Difference One thing a sample can't tell you is the detail of patterns and depth of color occurring throughout the slab that you want. You'll get some of the color to bring home, but the whole effect isn't possible in a small piece. Patterns matter. They matter a lot.

family using kitchen island with granite countertops to cook


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