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How BT Kitchens Transforms Your Kitchen With Waypoint Cabinets

Unsure what you want in kitchen cabinets? Not to worry, we can help. Looking for the best cabinets that you can find for your kitchen remodel? We've got them. What's that, you say? How can we know what's best when we don't yet know your style? We can say with confidence that Waypoint cabinetry has just what you're looking for. We don't have a crystal ball, but we do know a thing or two about cabinets. Here's why: Waypoint Cabinets Meet or Exceed Industry Standards Narly everyone has had the unfortunate experience of cabinet drawers that stick, doors that fail to close properly, shelves that wobble, and construction that's just plain subpar. Waypoint cabinetry is designed for an active home, and that means they're built to last. Some of the highlights:

  • Dovetail drawer joints that don't separate

  • Half-inch-thick cabinet bottoms that don't' sag

  • Kiln-dried hardwood face frames that never warp

  • Joints that are glued, double doweled and stapled

  • CushionClose® drawers that open all the way

Every area of stress is accounted for in Waypoint cabinetry. Where your old cabinets are wearing thin and looking tired, these cabinets stay strong.

Waypoint cabinetry helps your whole project stay on budget. They Come in a Surprising Range of Price Points Great features sound smart, but now you're wondering whether you can afford them, right? Not to worry. Another reason we offer Waypoint cabinetry is because of their wide range of price points. While it's true that there is a larger selection in the higher end of the range, there are loads of styles that are equally well built in the more affordable end of the spectrum. Sometimes the difference is the species of wood. For example, cherry wood typically costs a bit more. But that doesn't mean it's more attractive than a more affordable cabinet. And affordable doesn't mean that it's an inferior species, either. Oak is available in Waypoint's most affordable range. The Design Options are Nearly Limitless We know you've probably been dreaming about beautiful cabinets with many of the newest features that remodelers on Houzz are raving about. Waypoint has those, too. Do you want glass inserts, wine racks, or specialty drawers that organize spice containers? They're available. Are you looking for clever base cabinet drawers that eliminate wasted space? We've got 'em. Customization is what's hot in kitchen cabinet design right now. In practically every way that you can dream of, Waypoint cabinetry offers a smart solution that makes your kitchen function better. Isn't that what a remodel is all about? Otherwise, you could just add a coat of paint. At BT Kitchen and Bath, our priority is offering our customers in the Florida Panhandle area the best and widest range of options in price points that meet an equally wide range of budgets. Working on a shoestring, but still want something beautiful that will last? You'll find it in this line of cabinets. Looking for a luxury kitchen to round out your dream home? There are so many options to choose from that it's practically dizzying. But, what if all of this makes you a bit concerned about settling on just one? Sometimes too many choices are just too many. That's where our design experts really shine. Working closely with you, we'll help you focus on the best Waypoint cabinets that suit all of your needs from budget to beauty. That eliminates some of the major headaches and makes the whole project a lot more fun. Isn't a brand new kitchen supposed to be fun? Let's get this project started. Contact us today and learn about the many ways BT Kitchen and Bath and Waypoint Cabinetry can give you a kitchen that makes you the next envy of Houzz.


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