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Making Bathrooms Beautiful

It wasn't all that long ago when indoor plumbing was considered a complete luxury for the home. After all, hadn't people gotten along just fine without an inside bathroom for centuries? This "Necessary Room" wasn't genuinely necessary 100 years ago, but it quickly became so. Could you imagine a home without one today? Neither can we. And now it's time to take things up yet another notch.

Luxury baths are now considered retreats. An escape from the hectic world where you can relax, unwind and soak - or shower - all of your cares away. It really doesn't matter if your home is ultra modern with a minimalist flair, or if something more rustic suits your taste. Luxury bathrooms can suit anyone, and BT Kitchen and Bath knows just how to make the transformation seamless. Just look at some of these inspirational designs:

large bathroom with oval mirror and frmeless glass shower

Traditional Bathroom by Greer Home Builders Gabriel Builders Inc.

Soaking Tubs Make Every Day a Little Bit Nicer Like the bathroom in general, bathtubs haven't gotten a lot of respect in the past 30 years or so. Where a beautiful, cast iron bathtub once stood, home owners far and wide pulled them out and installed an acrylic shower and bathtub combo. That couldn't be less inspiring. Thankfully, the freestanding soaking tub is making a reappearance, which also lets you create a spacious shower. These tubs come in all shapes and sizes. Even the acrylic ones are beautiful, and you probably can't tell the difference by appearances only. You could have high-back slipper tub, something that looks a little more Art Deco with shiny chrome, or even a tall, round, Japanese soaking tub. The possibilities are endless. Can't you envision this luxury bath in your home, surrounded by all of that glorious marble? Coastal Living says marble is ideal for bathrooms, especially ones near the beach.

large bathroom with white paneling

Traditional Bathroom by Alpharetta Kitchen & Bath Designers Keri Morel Designs

Why Have a Shower When You Can Have a Spa? What's new in showers? Just about everything. A real spa experience is made possible by numerous water jets situated at different levels along the shower wall. You can have them on one wall only, or surround yourself with them. Go nuts with it. While you're thinking about showers, consider a steam option. This Old House explains that steam showers give you a health spa experience without leaving home. And they only use about 2 gallons of water for a 20-minute treatment. You can even add an soothing scent such as eucalyptus. Reserve space for a tiled bench in the shower. What a great way to end a day! A great add-on for a luxury shower is the new personalized temperature control. Every person who uses the bath can program their own perfect water temperature, and it works on-demand at the touch of a button.

cherry cabinets and painted white cabinets in bathroom

Traditional Bathroom by New York Kitchen & Bath Designers Cabelis Interior Design, LLC

Go Less Like a Bathroom and More Like Fine Furniture One big trend in luxury master bathrooms lately is a room that feels more like the rest of the house. Fine furniture-quality cabinetry helps make that happen. You can mix and match, like this beautiful example, or choose all dark wood contrasted against a pale quartz or granite countertop. What's really important is storage, so don't skimp on cabinets. With a vanity covered in ordinary toiletries, the room loses a lot of its appeal. But with everything tucked neatly away into its own space, the eye is drawn to the interesting lines, fine finishes and luxury stone. Add seating to make the room even more special. You'll want a vanity bench, of course, but also consider a tufted chair with ottoman that you can sink into. What a great place to curl up and read a book after a long, hot soak. And designer Annie Santulli says that you shouldn't skimp on the chandelier, either. A beautiful bathroom makes up for all of the crimes against design that have plagued residences for too many generations. Work with the architectural style of your home, and don't imagine that the space is just too tiny. Even a minuscule bath can be a gorgeous, well-appointed little jewel box. It's all about luxury, and, thankfully, BT Kitchen and Bath knows exactly how to bring it. If you want totally on-trend marble, rich granite, tile or something else, we can transform your bath into a room that you can't wait to relax in. Request a free design consultation today and start imagining the possibilities.


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