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Timeless Designs: What Materials Should You Use In Your Kitchen?

Maybe it's time for something that will hold its good looks a little longer. The search for a timeless kitchen leads to a lot of dead ends, but kitchen design experts agree on some things. The definition of timeless is abiding or unfailing. It's decidedly not fashionable, but it's also never out of fashion. That's a tall order, but it's one that's not difficult to fill. When you look through history, certain elements appear again and again. That's where you find your cues to piece together a kitchen that will look as beautiful in 10 or 20 years as it does the day it's installed. Here are a few of the classics that can update your home without getting stuck in a trendy, kitchen du jour rut. White is a Classic Palette You've probably heard every kitchen color trend imaginable, but which one is really timeless? Red is said to stimulate the appetite, and yellow is bright and cheerful. Some sources say to opt for a color that's reminiscent of food. Celery green and pumpkin orange might fit that bill. However, there is no color on any paint chip that is as consistently popular for kitchens as white. That's right, for many years, as far back past the 21st century and into the 20th as you want to delve, white reigns. It's clean, fresh, goes with anything, never looks tired or dated, and gives you a lot of freedom with anything else that you want to do. House Logic says you can't go wrong with white, and that's been true since your grandmother's grandmother was setting up housekeeping in her first home. Wood Floors Never Go Out of Style If white is the queen of kitchen colors, wood flooring has to be the next royalty in line. For many years, wood fell out of favor. Linoleum was easier to clean, and then vinyl had its heyday as a less expensive and even easier care alternative to linoleum. Porcelain floor tiles fit into the mix, too. But wood flooring kept resurfacing again and again. A wood floor never looks bad, outdated or all wrong in color. The pattern is always the same, and it's the only kitchen flooring that you can revive again and again if there's ever any damage. But probably most important is that newer wood floors have tougher finishes. They can hold up to repeated cleanings and still look great. A good designer will help you find the timeless style that's perfect for your home. Simple Cabinets Don't Commit to an Era You've probably lived in a home with what's known as a traditional cabinet style with a bit of detailing on the wooden doors and perhaps a medium-toned finish. While there's nothing wrong with traditional, it's not exactly timeless. For a look that fits that description, you'll need to go simpler. Shaker-style cabinets have never gone away completely. They're found in kitchen examples through the 1800s, and the unfussy, clean lines look perfect in almost every home regardless of its era. The stile and rail design has a flat door with simple raised perimeter, which incidentally lends itself well to another classic: glass-front cabinet doors. Marble Countertops are a True Classic Your countertops take up a lot of kitchen real estate, and they're one of the first things that anyone notices about the room. Although you've got plenty of choices that look beautiful and hold up well, marble is the hands-down winner if you want a truly timeless kitchen. And according to Apartment Therapy, a farmhouse sink is the perfect complement. Marble isn't the hardest material, nor is it the most stain resistant. But good sealing and proper care means that this natural stone can last a lifetime. Some homeowners even choose to allow it to age naturally, which imparts its own unique beauty. Another benefit of marble is that it softens a white kitchen with its gray veining, and it complements almost any other color, too.

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