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Recent Kitchen Remodels Along Florida's Emerald Coast

Can you picture a new kitchen? This Niceville home's owner did. If you've watched and weighed Destin real estate trends before diving into kitchen renovations, wait no longer. Things are looking up (way up), and kitchen improvements only serve to make your home more valuable. They're one of the highest return on investment (ROI) projects, so they make a lot of market price sense. Emerald Coast Condo Sales Lift Off

before and after of a kitchen remodel in Niceville

After photo of a kitchen remodel in Niceville

No homeowner had it easy when the real estate bubble burst. Investment value evaporated before everyone's eyes, and there was nothing to do besides hope for the best and wait it out. Selling was barely an option with mortgage balances outpacing the price of homes they represented. Those days are mercifully over, and the market is stabilizing. For condos, that's especially good news. Condos are a bit more challenging to sell under the best of circumstances. But Wendy O. Dixon writes for 850magazine that investors are snapping up condo inventory fast. Many of them pay cash. When the market moves, values go up. In the Destin area, condo values were already up 18.4 percent last June, according to Newman Daly Resort Properties. And people are thinking about improving their homes again. Take before and after photos like this Destin owner did, or you'll never believe it's the same room. The Right Remodel Makes a Difference Home improvements should serve two purposes. They should improve the quality of life for the homeowner, and boost the home's market value. Some improvements are great investments. Kitchen renovations are king, according to DIY Network remodeling experts, Nicole Curtis and Matt Blashaw. Of all improvements that you could make, barring critical ones that need attention right now, the kitchen is best. Buyers have a love affair with kitchens. Bathrooms, too. Updating those spaces can make up for a multitude of design sins elsewhere. An outdated kitchen that neither looks pretty nor functions well is an immediate detractor. But spruced up, the entire home is cast in a much better light. Just east of Destin, the owner of this new kitchen had a clear vision. BT Kitchen & Bath Makes a New Kitchen Your Reality You've probably decided by now that a new kitchen is in order. But what's even possible these days? A better question might be, "What's not possible?" A decade or more ago, you could get new cabinets that were basically fresh versions of the same old thing. Countertops would look a little better, too. With what's available today, you can have almost anything that you imagine. Semi-custom cabinets offer practically any style in any finish with custom sizes, too, but at a fraction of the cost of fully custom. The selection of countertop materials is vast. Butcher block is still considered timeless. But there's also limestone, marble, onyx, quartz, soapstone, and the ever-popular and beautiful granite. Reworking a kitchen might have been a dream of homeowners in the Destin area, but the market suppressed the idea for a while. Fortunately, that's coming to a close. You can remodel with confidence, knowing that what the improving market is already doing for your home's value will only be enhanced. When you're ready to take the next step, request a free design consultation from BT Kitchen & Bath. We'll work with you to create the kitchen of your dreams.

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