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6 Ways To Make Your Bathroom Feel Bigger and Better

Earth tone bathroom with large mirror and drop in tub

European bathroom with light colored fixtures, dark cabinets, and carrara marble

A larger looking bathroom doesn't have to be stark white. Take a stroll around the home improvement channels, and you'll find dozens (OK, hundreds) of shows about remodeling tiny spaces. Small rooms are the bane of nearly every home owner's existence. Either they have them and don't want them, or they worry that the wrong design choices will make a perfectly nice room look and feel too small. Fortunately, there are some tried and true ways to make your bathroom look bigger, brighter, and better than it does right now. Here are a few that work in almost every home: Lighter countertops, such as marble, make any bathroom look more spacious. #1: Choose a Paler Color Palette Dark colors shrink, and paler tones expand. That's one of the basic truths about design. You might fall in love with a rich, darker-toned granite countertop, but think about how the color will alter the room. Something paler will open it up. A softer shade of granite is a good choice, but don't discount marble. It's not as fragile as you might think. Continue the theme with lighter color throughout the room, and your bathroom will feel more airy and less confined. #2: Use Plenty of Light Light is the champion of tiny spaces. Where possible, capitalize on all of the natural light that you've got. You can always add a new window if you don't have one. Artificial light picks up where natural light leaves off. A well-lit bathroom not only looks bigger, it also helps you see everything more clearly. Think about daylight temperature bulbs for your new fixtures. Where old-fashioned incandescents can make everything look a bit dingy, daylight temperature bulbs look more like the light that you'd get through a window. Don't forget about mirrors, which open up a space and reflect light. #3: Focus on Flooring There are a few schools of thought on flooring, especially if the space is small to begin with. The right choice for your bathroom depends on the shape of the room and the other fixtures that you've got. Tiny tiles, especially the classic white penny or hex tiles with black accents, look fine in older homes and those with a bit of a cottage feel, but they look out of place in a home that's more modern. Surprisingly, larger flooring doesn't always make a room look tiny. Twelve-inch floor tiles expand smaller bathrooms when installed on the diagonal. Even darker built-ins can make rooms look open when excess clutter is out of sight. #5: Contain the Clutter Nothing makes any room look smaller like exposed clutter. That's why built-in storage is such a smart idea for any bathroom. Clutter isn't just perfume and tooth brushes on the counter. Too many decorative objects can have the visual effect of clutter in a bathroom that's short on space. Contain the clutter with storage space and, My Domain says, your room will look larger. Save the decor for a few important pieces that you can mount on the wall instead of using baskets, jars and other countertop items. #6: Think About a floating Vanity Most bathroom vanity cabinets sit on the floor and take up lots of space. A floating vanity mounts on the wall, leaving the floor underneath clear. The effect is a more open space instead of one that's cramped. If you aren't fond of the floating vanity look, consider one with legs and a shelf underneath for towels instead of a traditional cabinet with doors. Rounded edges, according to Houzz, also help in a small room. Good design is about making the most of what you've got. That applies to a smart use of space and also to fixtures and colors that you choose. You aren't limited to a white-on-white bathroom look to get a room that looks larger. When you're ready to turn your ordinary bath into the bathroom of your dreams, BT Kitchen and Bath can help. Contact us to request a free design consultation and see just how many choices you've really have.

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