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How Can Remodeling Make My Kitchen Design More Efficient?

With smart design, your contractor can create the efficient kitchen that you've always wanted. When you think about kitchen renovations, if you're like most people, it's hard to get past the visions of sparkling appliances, shiny countertops and gorgeous cabinetry. But the kitchen's efficiency is at as important as its looks, if not more. If you've ever worked in a kitchen that looked great but felt somehow cumbersome, then in another that was small but performed like a champ, you've experienced the highs and lows of design. Efficient kitchen design can make or break the nicest kitchen remodel ideas. Go it alone with some graph paper, and you might be disappointed. Work with professional kitchen designers and contractors, and you'll be happy for years to come. The All Important Work Zones For years, efficient kitchen design has focused on smart work zones. Within those zones, many designers use the work triangle method. The work triangle gives you access to three points - usually a range, sink and refrigerator - with as few steps as possible. The triangle works in practically any kitchen, whether it's a galley, L-shaped, or a big country kitchen with space to spare. For smaller kitchens, the design will hinge on the work triangle. In larger kitchens, you might have more than one triangle. It's a method that's tried and true in kitchens across the country and around the world. It works regardless of what kitchen features and decor you want. Builder's Surplus explains that the single-wall or "I-shaped" kitchen can't take advantage of the triangle, but every other shape can.

designers do a lot more than help you choose a color scheeme

Designers do a lot more than help you choose a color scheme. Specialty Storage Makes a Smart Kitchen Have you seen the latest in smart kitchen storage? It's remarkable. Say goodbye to deep base cabinets with bowls and platters stacked up high, or upper cabinets where nested coffee mugs and glasses teeter every time you open the door. These solutions take efficiency to the next level. You'll wonder how you ever lived without them. Efficient design transforms all of that under-utilized space inside cabinets. You can find narrow, pull-out drawers made for small spices, or flat, pull-out racks where pots and pans are always within easy reach. Shallow shelves at cabinet ends, which used to be empty space, maximize your storage area. Islands and peninsulas function as countertops and as furniture. Islands and Peninsulas Maximize Efficiency Some kitchens were born for a large island. Others are better-suited to a peninsula. However you prefer to create your new kitchen, either of these two features can work multiple jobs while maximizing your space. Don't worry if your kitchen is a bit on the small side. Even a diminutive addition like these can add valuable efficiency. Traditional Home says these features can also give you an important separation between the kitchen and living or dining area in an open-concept home. Islands and peninsulas give you the counter space that you need for food preparation, serving, and casual dining. Add bar stools or taller chairs along one or two sides, and you have an instant area for breakfasts and casual meals. Drop in a food prep sink, and two people can work in the kitchen as efficiently as one. Don't forget the electrical outlet possibilities. You won't have to bother with swapping out cords from slow cookers to blenders to microwaves again.

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In Galley Kitchens, Look Up Galley kitchens pose a special problem. They're usually small, have limited width, and sometimes are just plain difficult to work in. The work triangle can resolve a lot of those functional problems, but that leaves one more: Where to store everything. Vertical storage is a boon for galley kitchen owners. Every inch of available wall space can be harnessed for storage, and that leaves more space available on your countertops for food prep. Think about cabinets that reach all the way to the ceiling, and wall-mount appliances, too. Flank a window with narrow, glass-front cabinets, the way that Bob Vila recommends, and you've got a smart place for glasses that looks great, too. There's no shortage of kitchen remodel ideas, no matter where you look. Many of them focus on color, style, and the all-important countertops. Granite and other stones can turn a kitchen into a show-stopper. But looks are only part of the whole. Without efficient design, all you've got is a pretty room, but one that's not much fun to use. That's why BT Kitchen and Bath works with you to create the perfect kitchen remodel plan. Our designers understand space utilization, and that creates the foundation for a kitchen that works better than you ever imagined. Request a free design consultation today and learn about all of your options for a smart, gorgeous new kitchen that works as great as it looks.


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