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Kitchens Are About Convenience

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Kitchens are the true heart of the home. A convenient kitchen makes cooking time well spent. When was the last time you really enjoyed preparing a meal? Do you find yourself with a desire for classic Florida hospitality in the kitchen but not enough space (or smart enough design) to make it possible? And how often do you shoo friends or family members out of the way so that you can reach the refrigerator? Kitchens are supposed to be the heart of every home, but they're not always designed that way. That's where BT Kitchen and Bath can step in to change everything for the better. Your kitchen deserves more than an A for effort, and you deserve something that you love. Here's how you can get both, plus a whole lot more.

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Double Wall Ovens Say what some decorators will about this throwback idea being on its way out, homeowners who have double wall ovens seem to love them. They might not make perfect design sense in a tiny kitchen or for a small family. But, if you love to cook, and especially if you host many dinners, this is one feature that makes life a lot easier. Even one wall oven can be a space saver. There's no large appliance to fit, and Better Homes and Gardens says the cooktop can drop into any countertop, including an island. If there's room for one wall oven, there's probably room for two. Pot-Filler Faucet If you've never had one, you might not imagine what the fuss is all about. But once you have a pot-filler faucet in your kitchen, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it. The designers at Houzz agree. This odd-looking faucet mounts on the wall above your cooktop. Its swiveling, articulated arm extends out to reach every burner on the stove, and folds back again out of the way. You'll never again struggle to fit an oversize pot into the sink for filling, and you won't have to carry it across the room once it's full. Smart storage looks like any other from the outside; it's what's inside that makes your life so much easier. Smarter Kitchen Storage If you've seen one kitchen cabinet you've seen them all, right? Not quite. At least not anymore. Semi-custom cabinets give you the unrivaled beauty and customizable options of custom cabinets, but they're much less expensive. You'll find clever ways to store almost everything, whether it's a set of pots and pans, your favorite flatware, cooking utensils or baking dishes. Each drawer and cabinet is styled to your needs, so there is no more wasted space and no fumbling through a stack of lids to find the right one. You can even have the look of a standard base or upper cabinet, while tucked away inside is a series of shallow, pull-out shelves. Seated Kitchen Bar Many homes have an island, but not all of them have seating. A seated bar lets your guests hang out in the kitchen while you cook without feeling or being in the way. This is what a kitchen-centered home is all about. Bar stools don't have to be uncomfortable. In fact, the old, plain bar stools of decades past are only the beginning of what you'll find. Some seating is styled much like any other dining chair, which means your guests won't feel uncomfortable. Furry family members are enjoying their own spaces in kitchens across America. Spot Loves the Kitchen Too Kitchens are all about family, and your pets are part of it. You won't have to tell Spot to scoot when he's got his own special area designed just for him. This isn't just a fringe idea; according to Property Management Insider, pet spaces in the kitchen are a major trend that numerous designers are incorporating into their clients' homes. The idea revolves around pet

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